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How the Curators at KHCC Created Their First Online Exhibit


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic the importance of having a digital presence has become increasingly obvious. With social distancing, restrictions on travel, and rolling lockdowns, many businesses have shifted to offering ways for their community to engage with them digitally.

For museums, creating online exhibits has provided a way for the public to enjoy the museum’s collections from home. One of the museums that has embraced digital exhibits is the King Heritage and Cultural Centre (KHCC). 


The Value of an Online Presence for Museums


Museums have always thrived as physical spaces. Visitors enjoy the experience of exploring, on their own terms, an exhibition that tells them a story. As they move through an exhibition space, the way it looks, its shape, textures, architecture, objects, and other features all contribute to the exhibition experience. 


3 reasons why it’s time for museums to go digital


Most of us are familiar with the in-person experience of a museum exhibit. Moving from room to room examining carefully selected objects, and reading displays that weave together an overarching story. Museum exhibitions offer us a perspective of art, or a glimpse into our past. They provide an opportunity to reflect on our own ideas and impressions.