20% discount

Personalized Design

You can customize text on all sides of the card and upload photos to design the perfect card for every special occasion.  

Voice Message 

Record a voice message for 30 seconds or upload sound that can be shared via the built in speaker and E-Card.

Create Capsule

Invite loved ones to leave their signature through personalized posts that can be shared and collaborated on privately 

Scan Capsule QR

Each printed card is digitally connected and can be scanned by a custom QR code and preserved online forever.  

Your Checkout

At checkout you will be able to view a print preview of each side of the card, and email a Free E-Card to loved ones before submitting shipping & payment information.  

Made in Canada

We assemble TreasureCard in Ontario, support shipping around the World and offer 24/7 customer service

The Magic of Treasured

Express your Love with the Greeting Card of the Future 

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