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Company Description

Treasured is a software-based company focused on helping families preserve and showcase their history. Treasured aims to prevent the loss of family history by engaging younger generations. Its core platform will allow families to become the master curator of an interactive digital family archive. Members of TreasureWorld can easily upload their media, organize their stories, and share access with loved ones. The Treasured Platform launched with great success at RootsTech 2020. The @TreasuredTeam believes that family history shapes identity. Treasured is inspired to empowers people to discover new things and celebrate loved ones.

Company Founders

Vito and Nikita's families immigrated to North America, with stories that inspired them to build the Treasured Platform

Vito Giovannetti, CEO and Nikita Varabei, CTO are rising leaders in the genealogy tech community. Vito and Nikita's families immigrated to North America, with stories that inspired them to build the Treasured Platform. Vito is an award winning educator, entrepreneur, and podcast host. Nikita is a leading computer scientist, tech blogger, and dynamic software engineer. Together, Vito and Nikita form one of the most dynamic duo's in Toronto, Canada's blossoming innovation ecosystem. The Treasured founders are inspired to showcase family stories globally, and engage youth.

Exciting News

The Treasured team was selected for the 10th Anniversary Innovation Showcase and Technology Forum. Treasured will also be a leading exhibitor. Treasured offers RootsTech attendees an immersive digital family museum experience. The Treasured team will debut their platform at RootsTech (Feb 25th to 29th 2020). The Team is hosting a fun “family day” activity for children, and offering special promotions to new members. Treasured will also be featured in Brigham Young University's Annual Family History Workshop & Conference.

You can learn more about Treasured by following them on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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