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Support Hub

Review Help Documents, Contact our Team, File a Support Ticket

Help Page
A dedicated resources that allows you to search for answers and help quickly.
A quick reference page for all the terminology and nomenclature.
A growing repository of videos, guiding users through various features

Help Center

Contents Include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Instruction Manual PDF

Tutorial & Walkthrough Videos

Live Chat

Support Ticket System



A quick reference page for all the terminology and nomenclature.


The downloaded desktop application and launcher.


Created by any combination of photos, text, audio, video, links. You Choose.


A way to Group your Stories. Capsules are very similar to how we use Folders to Organize.


The interactive 3D Buildings inside of TreasureWorld that showcase family history


A shareable page that allows friends and family with granted access to view your TreasureWorld.


A settings page where you can adjust your contact information and assign a legacy contact for your TreasureWorld


A payment page to update the credit card on file for your annual membership.

Story Editor

The primary method for a TreasureWorld Member to curate their stories with multimedia and memories


A central location within every visitor of TreasureWorld can leave a message or comment about the Family Legacy

Tour Guide

A simple walk through of each story in the museum, which will evolve to highlight key family stories.

Tutorial Videos

Our Team wants to make learning how to use the Treasured platform simple and straightforward. We are excited by the community support online.

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