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Interactive 3D Museums

Designed for all ages. Curate family stories, genealogy into interactive 3D museums.

Collaborative Online Platform

Share your TreasureWorld with the future generations of your family, community, organization.

Web Application

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Create Public Stories

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Photos, Audio, Video Support
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Curate your museums in minutes...

Assign Stories to 3D Museums
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Member Testimonials

“A powerful way for families to organize their photos, and audio stories to engage grandchildren and honour

our ancestors.”


Dr. Rein Peterson, Genealogist

TreasureWorld is creating ways for people to tell their story the way, and build a time capsule of the future. My favourite aspect is adding my stories to the museum.


Maria Scandella, Family Historian

Member Testimonials

“Amazing experience and onboarding support. The Treasured Team is so friendly, I really appreciate their patience with me in setup”


Kathleen Stuart, Family Historian

‘I love the focus on making stories engaging for children. The best part of the software for me was the ease of use, and step by step support."


Raff Schrippa, Educational Support

Member Testimonials

"It was a fun way to personalize my estate planning and pass down my ancestral stories.”


Josie Shah , Care Worker

"My classroom was so impressed by TreasureWorld's way to document family legacies. The platform reimagines history preservation and is easily the most visual platform in the industry. "


Louise F, Elementary School Teacher

Member Testimonials

“TreasureWorld on display at our wedding was an incredible activity for young children and family members. My grandmother was so honoured to see her own personal museum."
Chris & Elena P, Newlyweds
"I enjoy seeing the photos from my life and family in the Treasured website. It is one of my favourite activities to do with my grandson."
Guilia F, Grandmother

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where can I find help and connect with the Treasured Team?
Q2: How does it work ?

TIP: Use the Gold Create Button to make Stories, Import Media, and Organize everything in Capsules.

TIP: From our web application (Free to Sign Up) - Create Stories and Assign to 3D Buildings inside of a downloadable Windows PC Application

Q3: What type of computer do I need?

Type: Laptop of Desktop PC

Processor: Intel Core i5

Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics Card

Ram: 8 GB

Q4: Can I control privacy on Stories and My World? 

Yes. By selecting the edit button on stories, you will be able to control a drop down on the top bar to control privacy.

Q5: Does one Pro License include unlimited collaboration and sharing?

YES. A One Time Purchase of TreasureWorld, $250.00 includes unlimited collaborators, future upgrades, free training session.



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Unlimited Collaborators
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TreasureWorld Visitor Pass
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TreasureWorld - Desktop PC Version
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