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Preserve your family history

for future generations

Interactive Family Museums

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Interactive Family Museums

Designed for all ages. Curate family stories, genealogy into interactive 3D museums.

Collaborative Family Oriented Platform

Share your family TreasureWorld with the future generations of your family.

Compatible with: Windows PC's


Web Application

Create, Edit, Organize Stories

Stories can include multiple photos, long form text, videos and web links.

Share Stories and World Access

Adjust permissions to acquire your desired level of privacy for capsules, stories and worlds.

Member Features

Annual Family Membership

Unlimited Collaborators
Free to Visit & Share Forever
One on One Customer Support
Global Family Reunions

Join 1,000+ members who are visiting family museums, learning stories, and celebrating their family history and genealogy.

Showcase Memories
with a Guided Tour

Celebrate Ancestors

Share Stories Interactively

Collaborate Easily with
Family and Friends

Control Access and Permissions

Quick Start Instructions

Customer Support for every Treasured Member

Live Chat Support 24/7

Support Resources

A Personal Museum and Family Guestbook

Engage Future Generations

Preserve Family Legacies

Become the Master Curator
of your Family Archive

Easy to Build Interface

Multimedia Story Editor

Share with Family Members around the World

Web Application

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View our Member Testimonials

“A powerful way for families to organize their photos, stories and audio to engage grandchildren and honour the legacies of

our ancestors.”

Dr. Rein Peterson, Genealogist

"The Treasured Staff are so inspiring. They are creating ways for people to tell their story the way they want. The platform is so easy to use. My favourite feature is that I can curate from within the museum."

Maria Scandella, Family Historian

“Amazing experience. Thanks to the team we are one step closer to engaging younger generations, to learn about genealogy! I really appreciate the mission to empower people with stories.”

Kathleen Stuart, Family Historian

‘I love what your team is doing, we will support you the best we can and are excited to showcase home grown innovations in the Canadian ecosystem.’

Chris Grafos, Historian

“TreasureWorld is both a nostalgic and modern experience. I was impressed with the performance on my desktop PC. It was a fun way to personalize my estate planning and pass down my ancestral stories.”

Josie Shah , Care Worker

"My entire classroom was so impressed by TreasureWorld's way to document family legacies. The platform reimagines family history preservation and is easily the most visual platform in the industry.

Louise F, Elementary School Teacher

“TreasureWorld on display at our wedding was an incredible activity for young children and family members. My grandmother was so honoured to see her own personal museum."
Chris & Elena P, Newlyweds
"Treasured has been easy to use and the support has been amazing. I would recommend using the Tour Guide with family members when they come over.
Guilia F, Grandmother

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4 Exhibitors You Can’t Miss at RootsTech 2020 - 10th Anniversary

Featured Global Innovator and Advocate of Genealogy and History Preservation.

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Industry Leaders

Featured Global Innovator and Advocate of

Genealogy and History Preservation.

Industry Features

Genealogists & Family Historians

Featured Global Innovator and

Advocate of Genealogy and History Preservation.

The Treasured Team is led by top-tier founders whose passion for family has driven them to become a rising innovator in their industry

Top Ranked - YEDI Global Accelerator Program

“The preparation and approaches from the Treasured Team are unlike any we've seen from our portfolio of companies.”

Top Ranked - Schulich School of Business, York University

“ The Treasured Team is presenting a way for Genealogy societies to engage better with their members”

Nation Leading - Genealogy Society
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TreasureWorld Lifetime
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