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FamilySearch RootsTech 2021

Celebrity Keynote Speakers

Keynotes are a huge part of RootsTech events. They deliver messages of inspiration and hope. Stay tuned for the full lineup of keynote speakers to be announced soon.

Virtual Event 2021 - Classes from Speakers around the Globe

Enjoy dozens of classes in multiple languages on topics such as discovering your family story, tracing your ancestors, and preserving your memories.

RootsTech Connect 2021

Celebrate the world’s cultures with activities such as homeland cooking demonstrations, yoga, and music from around the world. These experiences will be available throughout the online event and on demand.

For the first time ever, the world’s largest family celebration event will be entirely virtual and completely free. Get ready to celebrate shared connections with people from around the world. Connect with friends, your family, your past, and your heritage and homelands—all from the comfort of your home and in your browser.

Hundreds of Amazing Sessions - Available Live and After RootsTech Connect

Create your own viewing schedule. Select from any of the hundreds of classes on various subjects and areas of interest. Check out the “main stage” streaming schedule and the list of sessions available in English to better understand the breadth of topics and information being shared as part of this worldwide conference.

These sessions will be available during RootsTech Connect and will continue to be available for those who want to explore and watch more inspiring presentations on their own following the event. Tune in anytime to experience the joy of RootsTech!

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