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Treasured is inspired to solve the biggest problems facing our genealogy community.

First, to reverse the inevitable loss of family history from generation to generation and Second, to solve the accessibility gap with items like photos and documents that are tucked away on a rarely visited shelf or in some deep electronic abyss.

These materials are key to shaping our family identity and it is the platforms goal to make our family histories shareable in fun and exciting ways for both young and older audiences, particularly those who have grown up in the age of immersive video games and advanced digital platforms.

Treasured Vision

Treasured is envisioning the future of how families tell and share their stories.

A few years ago, I decided to put a family photo album together that focused on this immigrant journey. But what happened next was something I didn’t anticipate. While constructing the album, a delicate and disintegrating photo of my late grandfather fell apart beyond repair. Second, and even more unfortunate was that when the album was completed and printed, my family complimented it, put it on a shelf and hasn’t looked at it again since.

This was frustrating for me at the time, but it wasn’t because my family didn’t care, or value my efforts. In fact, they did. It just simply wasn’t presented in a way that was engaging for them.

As a sentinel of the past, I thought deeply about this obstacle, and began relating with people all around the world who were experiencing this same outcome.

TreasureWorld an easy to build digital archive that showcases your family genealogy like never before.

TreasureWorld members can easily upload, organize and arrange media to be displayed in the first ever 3D Family Museum.  The museum is a place to combine your photos, text, audio, videos, and links to other accounts that can help you tell your full story.


Over the last year, I had the pleasure of meeting some the great voices and minds in Genealogy that have inspired the Treasured Team to dream bigger. I want to highlight some of these notable leaders in the global genealogy space. Each of the meetings I had with these individuals helped enforce Treasured's belief that future generations would need more interactive tools to remain engaged with their family histories. We will be launching a vlog series in 2020 and hope to feature more leaders in the genealogy community.

Special Thanks:

David Lambert, American Ancestors

Stephen Young, FamilySearch

Matt Misbach, FamilySearch

Nat Natarajan, Ancestry

David Graham, Ancestry

Steve Fulton, Ontario Ancestors

2020 Tour

The Treasured Team will be going on a North American Tour, speaking, showcasing and educating at conferences, genealogy events. If your interested in having Treasured participate in your local society, or featured in your blog, please request to