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Members Inspire Us to Lead the New

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Discover the Power of TreasureWorld with our Second Update

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2021 Road Map Goals After RootsTech & Meetings

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Treasured Launches

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Treasured Announces debut at RootsTech

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Innovating for the Next Generation of Storytellers

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December Edition

@TreasuredTeam Journey From July 2017 to Present

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Treasured Founders

Vito is a well-known innovator in the genealogy community. He serves as the CEO of Treasured Inc. and Board Director for his Provincial Genealogy Society, Ontario Ancestors.

Growing Genealogy Community

The Treasured team is passionate about growing the genealogy community and promoting leading organizations who share the mission of preserving and showcasing family history.

Supporting Global Genealogists

The Treasured Team is building valuable relationships with leading genealogists around the world and supporting our movement to help families engage young generations in their history.

2020 Genealogy Tour & Presenter

The Treasured Team is touring North America for Innovation Showcases and leading Workshop Presentations on the future of showcasing your families genealogy and ancestor legacies.

Social Impact Vision

The Treasured Team is committed to building a company that reaches communities around the world, through family centers, community organizations, and regional genealogy societies.