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Treasured is innovating a new way to communicate stories to audiences in need of interactive experiences.

Many of our Treasured Pro License members have hosted video calls with our team alongside grandchildren. We are strive to build a solution that can document the human story and centralize collaboration between storytellers.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Treasured heard the call from local museums, heritage centers, and galleries. We committed ourselves in 2020, to find ways to support the digitization of museums in remote regions impacted by seasonality and social distancing.

Treasured will be launching an Ambassador Program that will make TreasureWorld more accessible to organizations challenged with engaging young audiences, while capturing stories of their community in the present.

Testimonial with American Ancestor, Treasured Pro Member

When I saw what you were offering your constituents, it was quite impressive, you changed the whole genealogical platform of learning, sharing and discovering. If I was 7 years old, I cant tell you how excited I would have been for Treasured. Inspire the young, You're never to young to do genealogy.