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The greatest part of our journey has been learning the needs of our members.

The RootsTech and FamilySearch teams gave us the opportunity to receive feedback from over 1000+ people in attendance during RootsTech.

We have been receiving incredible contributions from our growing community and family. Check out the latest features we are building and provide feedback - Click Here

Innovating in 3D Space and Web Application

The Treasured platform centralizes media in a set of curated museums and locations in flagship product, TreasureWorld.

TreasureWorld is a beautiful photo realistic 3D World. Members deserve personalized and secure experiences. Treasured wants to give people the opportunity to tell better stories, celebrate legacies, and honour loved ones. We support all existing memory preservation methods. We know TreasureWorld is the piece that engages younger generations who have grown up in the era of immersive video games and advanced digital platforms.

Our road map is customer centric in 2020. We have a set of great features that I will tease below:

Story Editor

Added Audio Upload

Added YouTube Link Integration

World Editor

Added Map View to Assign Stories in 3D Museums

TreasureWorld - Second Release

Improvements to Building Design, Sound, Menu Systems

2nd Floor of Museum (Music Gallery, Library Archive, Kitchen)

Patches and Bug Fixes


Loading Screen Improvements

Diagnostics System

Next Steps in 2020

As we move into a new decade, Treasured will strive for integrations that make it easier for members to import stories, and curate 3D museums that can amplify the engagement with any audience.