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Treasured is working hard to become a recognized platform in the online genealogy and family history community. The team has been involved in a series of webinars that have enabled widespread impact and networking during the COVID-19 crisis and now in the 'new normal'.

Treasured believes that as an emerging leader and innovator in the storytelling community; it is our responsibility to give back and support the organizations that have believed in our vision since Day 1.


Morning Conference - September 14th - September 17th NYSFHC @ Home - September 10th - September 12th

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Preserving History in 3D Museums: an Innovative Way to Communicate Stories Across Generations

Explore Treasured, an innovative software platform attracting leading family historians. The session showcases how to curate an interactive 3D Museum for your family, local museum, or genealogy society. Share in the magic of member testimonials and hear from migration historian, Chris Grafos, in a fireside conversation about the benefits of TreasureWorld. Learn to engage younger generations and share in the new frontier of storytelling.

6 reasons you should study your family history: Treasured expert blog

Uncovering and preserving your family’s history comes with many long-lasting benefits - and these benefits extend beyond the person who is discovering and documenting that history.The knowledge of our families’ histories benefits individuals, their family members, communities, and society at large.

New Demo Page

We appreciate the amazing support and optimism from the growing community of family storytellers and organization passionate about engaging their audience. Treasured values time with interested members, which is why we launched a user friendly scheduling page to book a demo.